David Berry Walks
to some of the most
scenic walks

in Wales

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Walks Guidebooks


The walks that David has devised


- are based on comprehensive research of specific geographical parts of North Wales and where appropriate through liaison with relevant local bodies - e.g. local authorities, Snowdonia National Park Authority, National Trust etc


- include key landscape features and places of historical interest.


- follow public rights of way or permissive paths, and cross Open Access land


- encourage people into less well known areas, promote a greater use of the extensive local Rights of Way network and contribute to rural tourism.


- have, through liaison with Council Highways Departments, benefited from improvement work - i.e. obstacles cleared, stiles, gates and footbridges installed, and paths waymarked.


- are suitable for people of all ages and abilities.


- include the concept of linked walks as a key feature. Many individual routes, as well as containing shorter walk options, can easily be linked with others, to provide longer day walks, if required. This allows for creative walking routes tailored to individual needs.


- are reviewed and revised for new editions or reprints where appropriate.


The guidebooks are published by Kittiwake, as part of an expanding series of Walks guides throughout Wales. For details of its full range of guidebooks visit:


Kittiwake books offer a clear, informative and easy to use format, that has been popular with walkers for many years.


Each Kittiwake book of local walks is in a compact A5 size, with attractive full colour  cover, with an overview map on the rear, locating each walk. The inside cover contains a summary table detailing key features of individual walks, including links with others and  an estimated walking time.


Each walk is contained in a full-page spread containing a detailed map, route instructions, notes on points/places of interest, and perhaps a hand-drawn illustration. No more having to keep turning the pages to look at the map or read the text - a frustration of some guidebooks, especially in rain!


Each hand drawn map shows what exists on the ground - e.g. stiles, gates, buildings etc. Please be aware though that changes in detail can occur at any time.









David's books are available from local tourist information centres, all good bookshops, outdoor shops and other local outlets which vary from area to area. Alternatively any book can be ordered direct from Kittiwake